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제목 [The Korea Economic Daily] V&S stands out in market correction 날짜 2014.05.20
V&S stands out in market correction 
Reporter: Keun Ho Lim | Date: Nov. 16, 2011

Investment managers with differentiated investment strategies continue to make profits in the recent market doldrums.

KG Zeroin, a local fund evaluation specialist, revealed on November 16 that Dimension Investment Advisory posted return of 2.1% on year-to-date, while V&S Investment Management's return stood at 1.87% year to date (as of November 9). Rei Investment Advisory that started asset management business in February of this year reported 6.79% in its rate of return. Their performance is impressive given that the Kospi index fell 7.0% during the same period.

V&S Investment Management adopts the so-called "event-driven" strategy that focuses on stocks affected by special events such as M&A, spin-off and workout. Based on this unique strategy the investment manager saw two or three years ago what is happening now to Hyundai Engineering & Construction and has earned a huge profit from its investment on the construction company. Rei Investment Advisory uses quantitative analysis approaches in asset management business.

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