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lients of V&S can depend on our well-defined investment process, tailored to deliver risk-adjusted returns. Our strength lies in this rigorous procedure that has been time-tested and refined over the past 8 years.

Idea Generation
  • Using our proprietary quant model, we track the financial results of all candidate companies on a quarterly basis
  • Our experienced professionals boast a strong network of industry seniors & executives, fully leveraging relationships with CEOs & business owners whenever necessary
  • Our industry knowledge is always kept up to date, through various conferences, newsletters and reports
Idea Analysis
  • Before committing to an investment, our team conducts extensive interviews with competitors, suppliers, customers, and industry consultants to develop a long-term perspective of the company
  • Our conservative valuation method allows us to pick out stocks with a steady margin of safety
  • Scenario/liquidity analyses are performed to assess the feasibility of an investment
Idea Refinement
  • Tested ideas are then included in our comprehensive model portfolio to allow better monitoring for catalysts and trade timing
Idea Execution
  • Trade executions are based on technical & flow/volume analysis
  • Though we maintain a long-term approach, we will actively adjust our position in the case of any foreseen/persisting risks (e.g. cash portion)
  • Exit once share price reaches fair value
  • Our positions are closely monitored and subject to reevaluation if its performance does not meet our standards