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제목 [Hankyung Business] “V&S Dynamic small/mid-cap value” wrap account achieves 36% return in 1.5 years 날짜 2014.06.23

Kiwoom Securities “V&S Dynamic small/mid-cap value stock” wrap account – hybrid strategy in undervalued names + M&A names achieve return of 36% in 1.5 years

Reporter: Jong Hyuk Oh | Date: June.18, 2014


Kiwoom Securities’ “V&S dynamic small/mid-cap” wrap account has achieved a return of 36% over the course of 18 months, compared to the 4.8% increase in the KOSPI, outperforming the benchmark by over 30%. For this product, the portfolio is constructed by V&S while Kiwoom is responsible for marketing and managing the funds. The fund has both lower commission rates (1.5% per year) and initial entry amount than other funds in the market.

As advisory for the fund, V&S Investment utilizes value strategies to pick out undervalued names, along with special situations strategies to seize opportunities from M&As or spin-offs. As of March, the firm manages about KRW500bn, including funds from major institutions such as the NPS.Sukjoo Min, head of products at Kiwoom, says “The performance of this product is not achieved over night. On a monthly basis, it has shown consistent outperformance of about 2% (vs. KOSPI), regardless of the entry point.”

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